Plans to transform THIS Derelict Pub in Stoke Town Centre into Flats Thrown Out… and Here’s Why

Plans to transform a derelict pub into flats have been thrown out – despite the scheme winning the support of residents and traders.Pegasus Property had applied for permission to turn the rundown Stoke town centre building, which used to be Minsters and before that Harry’s Bar, into a house of multiple occupancy for 32 people. The developer argued the conversion would provide a ‘welcome addition of high-quality accommodation to the affordable housing stock’.

But Stoke-on-Trent City Council believes the scheme would lead to the Glebe Street site being overdeveloped and would not be in keeping with Stoke’s Conservation Area.Planner Karan Jones said in her report: “The proposal would result in poor quality living accommodation for future occupiers and it fails to take into account the heritage character and surroundings.”

It is not yet clear whether Pegasus Property will lodge a revised scheme but businesses and workers based nearby hope the building can still be put to use.The former Minsters and Harry’s Bar in Stoke

Barmaid Samantha Nash, aged 30, who works at The White Star, said: “A lot of things are falling apart in Stoke because everyone focuses on Hanley but if there was more people around and living here it would help improve the town.”A lot of the pubs around here do really well on Friday and Saturday nights but if there are more people living closer we will do better during the day for meals.”I’ve known a few people that used to live here that have moved to Hanley or Longton to be out of Stoke. For the town to improve, we need the derelict buildings to be done up. I hope this could be done.”

Mandy Chadwick, who owns All Good Things in Stoke, would also like the building to be turned into accommodation for young professionals.The 48-year-old, from Blurton, said: “There has been people turning old buildings into student accommodation around here.”The more people that come into Stoke the better because it’s a dying town.

“It definitely needs more businesses and independent people instead of places closing down all of the time. Even the market here is dying.”We rely on people who live and work in Stoke. I hope a new plan can be drawn up for the building.”Twenty-eight-year-old John Moseley, a carpet salesman at Palfreymans, from Milton, added: “Converting the building would look better than it being boarded up as Stoke is looking a bit dingy and old school at the moment.

“Businesses need all the footfall they can get.”

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